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Even the most Disabling Spinal Problems can be treated without Surgery.Our Emphasis at Spine Health-Centre for Advanced Spine Care is to Offer Specialised Services using State of Art Technology and Techniques to treat these Problems without Surgery whenever possible.Incase in an Unavoidable Circumstances,if Surgery is Required,Experts at Spine Health-Centre for Advanced Spine Care deliver leading edge value based care,ensuring best chance of Patient Recovery.

Dr. Ambadas P. Kathare – Director:

  • D(Ortho),DNB(Ortho),MNAMS MS (Ortho)
  • Fellow Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (USA)
  • Fellow Spinal Deformity Correction (USA)
  • Consultant Spine Surgeon

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Dr. Kathare provides Excellence in Spine Surgery and Specializes in Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery,Spinal Deformity Correction (Scoliosis and Kyphosis),
Complex Spinal Reconstruction,Revision Spine Surgeries for already Failed back Surgeries.After Postgraduation in Orthopaedics he got trained in one of the Premier Spine Surgery unit at P D Hinduja Hospital,Mumbai.

Working with various Spine Surgery Centres of Excellence in USA,he had Qcquired experience & Skills for Microscopic,Minimal Access Spine
Technology(MAST) Surgeries,Spinal Fusions,Non-fusion Technology for spinal problem,Artificial disc Replacements,Spinal deformity Correction in growing
children and adults,percutaneous Vertebroplasty and use of Computer navigation in Spinal Surgeries.

Publicattionas & Presentations:

Trains-Iliosacral plating for vertically unstable fractures of Scral Spine Associated with Spinopelvic Dissociation: A Cadaveric Study Indian JOrthop.2012 May- Jun:46(3) 274-278.
Posterior Reconstruction of Verbal body using Expandable cage for LL5 Burst Fractture Dislocation: Case Report | Volume 4 | Issue 2 | JOCR April –June 2014 | Page 5-9.
“Radiographic Results for Expansionn Thracoplasty with VEPTR in Jeunes’s Syndrome” 18th IMAST Copenhagen,Denmark,July 2011- Presentation.
“Evaluation of Stand allone anterior Decompression and Instrumentation for ‘Cervico Thoracic Kyphosis’- Scoliosis Research Society Delhi 2008-Presentation.
Kyphoscoliosis Deformity Correction:

Severe Kyphoscoliosis Deformity Thoracolumbar Spinne with Progressive Paraparesis.
Complete Deformity Correction and Spinal Cord Decompression achieved.
Excellent Pain Relief and Significant Neurological Improvemennt in Leg Weakness.
High Grade Sponddylolistheses Reduction:

Severe Instability low back pain and Neurogenic Claudication in 55 Year old Lady.
Complete Reduction of high Grade Spondylolistheses with Instrumented Interbody Fusion LL5-S1 Vertebra.
Cervical Spine Artificial Disc Replacement:

Young Pattient- Cervical Spine Disc Prolapse with Upper limb Radiculopathy.
Instead of Conventional Cervical Spine fusion technique after
Discectomy,State of Art Disc Replacement Technique is Superior to Fusion.
Ultra Modem Technology to Preserve Spine Motion.
Atlanto Axial Instability with Cervical Spine Myelopathy:

A Casse of Cervical Spinal Cord Myelopathy,loss of Grip in Hands.
C1-C2 Spinal Cord Decompression with State of Art C1 Lateral Mass and CePedical Screw Fixation and Fusion.
Rapid Improvement in Walking ability and grip Strength noted after Surgery.